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Flourishing in an Ideal setting

Thursday, 30th June 2005
Source: Gulf News Special Report, June 2005
"A Tolkowsky diamond is a passage to endless dreams and enchanting moments," insists Jean Paul Tolkowsky, one of the Exelco Group's two main partners. A fine gentleman steeped in seven generations of diamond entrepreneurship, but with a crisp humble flow about him, Tolkowsky, with his partner, Lior Kunstler, heads the Exelco Group, the world's number one and largest manufacturer and distributor of Ideal-cut Hearts and Arrows diamonds. The group is enhanced by its strong partnerships with key diamond suppliers, distributors and retailers around the world.

This vertically integrated diamond company is made up of Exelco NV, Antwerp, the head office, and FTK Worldwide Manufacturing in Hong Kong and New York, followed by a base in Bangkok, Mauritius and Japan. The seventh link to this group will shortly open in Dubai under the name of Ideal Diamonds International. Currently, the group has 37 stores in prime locations.

Exelco has a unique history and the Tolkowsky name has a rich and unparalleled diamond legacy, with Marcel Tolkowsky developing exact parameters for the Ideal cut. "My great uncle Marcel was a mathematician. His idea was to basically draw out the best ray of light through a diamond. He positioned those mirrors in a certain way so they would reflect the most light. Till today this is the process the world uses," explains Tolkowsky.

Highest Standards
All Exelco Ideal-cut Hearts and Arrows diamonds exceed the highest standards in quality, along with a firm promise to "understand the changing needs of customers and meet their requirements with a flexible, individual and tailored service," says Tolkowsky. Besides its clientele among royalty and celebrities, the group also supplies to major international luxury jewelry retailers.

In 2003, Exelco created the new Octahedron Hearts and Arrows fancy cuts and later, developed the Excellent-Excellent Princess Cut, and continues to work on this standard for all round-edged fancy cuts. The company also enjoys a successful business relationship with two retail brands in Japan. The group’s reservations about the Dubai market were dispelled when Tolkowsky visited the city recently. "Dubai has truly become part of the diamond world. It is a very important market. Everybody has been talking about Dubai in the past year. When we have business dinners people always inquire whether we are in Dubai or plan to have a presence here. For us, it’s an entry point to Africa and the Middle East. We have a big office in Mumbai so it serves as a good link for us with Asia, the Middle East, India and Europe."

Exelco has its own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, H&A; Cutting Works close to Bangkok, in Thailand. Built according to the highest and strictest standards it houses only the most modern manufacturing equipment. With a running capacity of 1,000 polishers, rigorous quality controls are employed at all stages of manufacturing.

A young passion-driven Tolkowsky earlier collaborated with his father, Gabi, on the cutting of the Centenary Diamond (273.85 carat D Flawless) which marked De Beers 100th anniversary; and on the 545.65 carat Golden Jubilee, which remains the largest of all polished diamonds and was chosen by a group of business people as a gift to the King of Thailand on the 50th anniversary of his accession to the throne.

Kunstler also boasts strong credentials in the industry, being a third-generation diamantaire. Both possess a strong background in the manufacturing and marketing of diamonds. Kunstler and Tolkowsky joined forced 10 years ago, together with Kunstler’s father Leon, to continue the Marcel Tolkowsky legacy and revive the Ideal-cut under the name Exelco.

Tolkowsky insists he is in Dubai to stay, since "it is a long term investment for us and not an overnight venture." He understands that people in the Middle East are drawn to gold because it is "beautiful, mystical and everybody wants it." However, he also feels "the diamond has all those special aspects and it does stay for eternity."

Which precisely is the rough essence of Exelco: "Passage to endless dreams and enchanting moments."