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4th May 2005
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11th January 2005

Cupids Perfection

Wednesday, 4th May 2005
Source: Antwerp Facets magazine
'Hearts and Arrows' has become synonymous with the Ideal Cut. Produced according to the most exacting standards, the cut has achieved a following in the market not only because it is of high quality, but because of the simplicity of demonstrating the workmanship involved.

...Another firm that is dedicated to producing Hearts and Arrows is the Antwerp-based Exelco, which is owned and managed by three partners: Leon Kunstler, his son Lior, and Jean Paul Tolkowsky, who is the son of master cutter Gabi Tolkowsky and the grand nephew of Marcel Tolkowsky himself.

The firm markets its production of Hearts and Arrow cuts in Japan, the United States and Europe. In Japan, Tolkowsky said, such goods are still immensely important in the high-end diamond ranges.

"Being of the Tolkowsky lineage, I felt it was right to somehow follow in my great uncle's footsteps. The Tolkowsky name creates expectation, which we try to live up to," he said. But while Exelco is headquartered in Antwerp, the firm produces its diamonds exclusively at its plant in Thailand. The Thai plant is supervised by Belgian craftsmen who run "a tight ship."

Once the polished goods arrive at the Antwerp office, they are certified according to the client's preference. These polished goods come in sizes ranging up from 0.20 points in colors between D and K and clarities from IF down to pique.

Goods weighing 0.20 points to 0.70 carats and with "high" color D-I, are certified by a Japanese gem lab, with which Exelco works closely. These goods most often go straight to Japan, and are sold under the Exelco brand in one of 40 or so jewelry stores. The other goods are distributed internationally to luxury retailers. Each stone is accompanied by a grading report issued by a leading gem lab...